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Long Distance Caregiving

At C&S, our Aging Life Care Professionals function as your "eyes and ears". They are able to locally handle the problems which you are now required to solve long distance. By working with you through phone calls, visits and emails an Aging Life Care Manager will check on problems that come up with providers and work with all parties to provide the best possible resolution.

Some services that C&S provides include:
  • Coordinating through Effective Communication with the Client’s Physician and Healthcare Team for Comprehensive Care
  • Setting up services in the home
  • Helping with daily money management

Our goal is to keep your loved one at home as long as possible and then assist with their move when they are no longer safe at home. We don't make decisions for you, but empower you with recommended options, trying our best not to contact you at work unless there is an emergency. The partnership that results conserves your valuable time and allows you, as the long distance caregiver, to maintain control while minimizing worries about your loved one.

Call 281-550-8444 to speak with an Aging Life Care Professional about these and other available services.

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