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Importance of Finding Social Support in Elderly Years

When you or someone you know is approaching their elder years, you may find yourself wondering, how important can social support be to your overall health? As a person ages, they might not typically think of social support as being a factor in their health. Understandably, most people want to spend time with their families and companions in their later years instead of choosing to isolate and become lonely. So can a lack of social support affect a person's overall health and quality of life?

Home health care studies have shown that in the U.S. the fastest growing age group of people are those of 85 years and older, the "baby boomers". Because of such a fact, family supports will decrease for these older individuals. Houston home health care providers, C&S Healthcare Services, Inc. believe that social support outside of families is now more important than ever as elderly people who do not seek social support are at a higher risk of having health issues. More complications can arise especially if an elderly person has undergone a heart attack or any serious medical condition and does not receive any variety of social support or home health care services.

Having a positive social lifestyle can increase an elderly person's psychological and physical well-being, lowering their amount of stress, and helping treat issues such as anxiety or depression. Sometimes a very useful option is to seek community services where there is helpful social support. There are also many other options for support that can be found at senior centers, religious affiliations, assisted living facilities, meal delivery, adult day care centers or home care providers. It is also important to support self-awareness as well and not just physical presence or conversation. A few quality activities can also be extremely useful in helping an elderly persons quality of life (taking up hobbies, exercise groups, reading clubs, writing, singing groups), but most importantly including the elderly individual in planning and choosing ways to find self-awareness activities that are relevant to their needs, interests, background, and culture.

At C&S Healthcare Services in Houston, Texas, our licensed staff of Houston Home Health Care providers can assist finding a community resource, self awareness activities, and provide caring assistance with daily needs of individuals. We support a pro-active lifestyle to help with defeating isolation and loneliness in providing a means to a better quality of life.

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