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How Good Habits Help Seniors Stay Active and Healthy

Getting older can be difficult for a lot of people. They feel like they can't do the same things they used to do and are afraid of looking too elderly. Growing older is unavoidable, but it doesn't mean you have to look or feel old. If you make the effort to take care of your health and stay fit, there is no reason you shouldn't look and feel young and healthy. Here are some simple tips you can use to maintain being active and healthy.

Stay Active

It is very important for you to stay active. Make sure to move your body every day, whether you take a walk around your neighborhood or take a spinning class at your local gym. Being active can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent serious illnesses, improve your mood and give you more energy.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Once you reach a certain age, it is important to start monitoring what you eat. Doing so will help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent you from developing serious diseases. You should fill your diet with fruits, whole grains, vegetables, fish, chicken and low-fat dairy products. If you feel hungry before a meal, you should try eating an apple or banana. These fruits are full of fiber, so they will curb your appetite.

Get Regular Checkups

When you get older, you become more at risk of developing diseases, vision problems and tooth decay. That is why it is important to see your doctor and dentist regularly. They can help you detect certain illnesses before they get too serious.

Stop Smoking

One of the best things you can do for your health is to quit smoking. Smoking can cause cancer, stroke, heart failure and emphysema. If you smoke regularly, you will definitely shorten your life expectancy. Ask your doctor for advice on how to quit smoking.

Be Social, Spend Time with Others

It is not healthy to stay in the house by yourself all the time. Make the effort to spend time with your friends at least once a week. If you don't know many people, you should take the time to meet new friends. You can meet great friends at the gym, library and bingo tournaments.

Avoid Getting Too Stressed

Being overly stressed is not good for your health. If you start to feel overwhelmed, go for a walk, meditate or call a friend. These techniques can help you manage your stress.

Important Reminder

Following these tips can help you stay strong and healthy, but always remember to find new pro-active routines in your life, and why not sometimes try new things.

Home Care Provider

If you or loved one need companionship or a care giving professional to help you with everyday necessities consider C&S Healthcare Services. For details on how to reduce stress and receive in home assistance for you or your loved one call our Houston office at (281) 550-3665.

C&S Healthcare provides competent caregivers, nursing, therapy and medical social services to clients in their homes, apartments or assisted living community. Keeping your loved one independent and safe is our goal at C&S Healthcare. To contact a C&S representative for more information call 281-550-3665. For easy access you may also complete the contact form on the Contact Us page and an RN Care Manager will respond to your inquiry.

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