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Houston's Home Care in Perspective

A Look at the Positives of What Home Care in Houston Can Provide

In-home care is an invaluable resource that assists families in reducing stress and eliminating worry, while providing elderly family members with compassionate and consistent care. Families who obtain In-home care are able to re-establish personal freedom, enjoy alone time, concentrate on work and enjoy their social life, while providing affordable and compassionate care for their loved one. A home care provider understands the specific needs of the entire family, as they care for an elderly loved one, and provides a beautiful alternative to assisted living facilities.

In-home Care Assistance

In-home care assistance is flexible to meet the unique needs of each family. Perhaps your father has been experiencing confusion and needs assistance in recalling doctors' appointments and taking medication properly. Or perhaps your grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's and needs consistent care, while you work. The elderly years do not need to decline in joy for life. Compassionate and gentle care is available right in your own home. It can assist you in providing the best care possible for a senior in your life.

Knowing When to Get Help

Are you becoming weary and caring for your loved one? Is the impact of senior care affecting your work or your other family members? Do you fear leaving your elderly loved one home alone? Are you becoming exasperated with the daily care of your loved one? This is not a negative outlook on yourself or the care of your loved one; rather, it is a sign that you need more assistance. Assistance is available through elderly in-home care. This care is flexible to each family's unique needs, whether a few hours a day is needed or 24 hour care. Perhaps your loved one's care needs new levels of assistance, which you are no longer able to give. Receiving help from the caring hand of an in-home caregiver can make a huge difference in the entire family's outlook on life. This type of care is changing the dynamics of aging, giving families hope for the future during the last years of life.

Services Provided with Home Care

Senior services can be tailor-made to fit your family's needs. Caregiver and Companionship are available. These services can include multiple tasks such as monitoring diet and eating, providing elderly companionship, assisting with laundry and routine home tasks, picking up prescriptions, shopping for groceries and grooming. There are many flexible schedule plans available that will be designed to meet your elderly loved one's exact needs. Here is a list of some of the many activities and services that a professional care assistant can provide.

  • Taking out garbage
  • Aiding with wake up and preparation for the day
  • Assistance with walking
  • Changing linens
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Assisting with pet care
  • Planning outings and trips
  • Mailing bills
  • Medication reminders and help
  • Clipping coupons
  • Overseeing maintenance in the home
  • and much more

C&S is a Houston based agency owned by a Registered Nurse. C&S specializes in providing ongoing compassionate care that keeps families together. A wide variety of high-quality services are provided, which can grow to include more activities in support as your loved one continues to advance in age. In-home care is a life-changing alternative.

If you are interested or in need of home care services contact C&S Healthcare Services, Inc. at 281-550-3665.

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C&S Healthcare provides competent caregivers, nursing, therapy and medical social services to clients in their homes, apartments or assisted living communities. Keeping your loved one independent and safe is our goal at C&S Healthcare. To contact a C&S representative for more information call 281-550-3665. For easy access you may also complete the contact form on the Contact Us page and an RN Care Manager will respond to your inquiry.

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