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Foods That Help Seniors in Recovery

Good sources of healthy carbohydrates include whole-grain breads, fruits, vegetables and beans.

Following a diet plan centered on proper nutrition is one way to help seniors recover quickly from a recent hospitalization. During a hospital stay, the doctors and nurses work together to ensure that each patient consumes healthy foods. After returning home, it's crucial for seniors to maintain a healthy diet that is rich in nutrient-dense food to help the body restore and strengthen itself.


Protein, fats and carbohydrates are the macronutrients that help the body function. After a hospitalization, protein consumption is very important for rebuilding cells, maintaining muscle mass and keeping a healthy balance of fluids. Many individuals choose to get protein from animal products, including chicken, red meat and other sources. However, non-animal sources may be better for those recovering from a hospitalization as red meat can cause digestion issues such as constipation. Non-animal sources of protein include soy products, nuts, beans, some leafy greens, and dairy products. Yogurt, in particular, is a good source of protein with helpful bacteria that can aid in digestion.

In addition to eating a healthy amount of protein, seniors should also aim to consume carbohydrates and healthy fats. The body can quickly break down carbohydrate-rich food for energy to help repair cells. Good sources of healthy carbohydrates include whole-grain breads, fruits, vegetables and beans. Fats are also necessary for good health, as they help the body to absorb important vitamins and minerals. Seniors should avoid foods high in saturated fats and instead focus on monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Soybean products, poultry, olive oil and seeds are good sources of healthy fats.

Avoiding Digestion Complications and Dehydration

Constipation and digestion complications often afflict those who are recovering after a hospitalization. Seniors should aim to get enough fiber in their diet. Fiber is necessary for regular digestion and helps avoid constipation. Good sources of fiber include baked potatoes, oatmeal, vegetables, brown rice and whole grains. These hearty foods provide energy and help individuals to feel full.

Dehydration is another common problem for seniors after a hospital stay. Drinking plenty of water is one easy way to avoid dehydration. Many foods, including a variety of fruits, are also rich in fluids. It's best for seniors to avoid drinks that can actually cause dehydration. These include alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks such as coffee.

Eating the Right Amount

Seniors recovering from a hospital stay may struggle to get the proper number of calories. Without sufficient calories, it is more difficult for bodies to recover. Additionally, a lack of nutrients can cause serious complications in a recovering individual.

For some seniors, chewing may be difficult or impossible. Smoothies and blended foods are a option for those struggling to eat whole foods. Some seniors may have dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating particular foods. Flexibility in meal planning and preparation is crucial in helping a senior recover from a hospital stay.

Seniors should focus on eating whole foods instead of processed and packaged foods. Many types of processed foods, such as crackers and cookies, have few natural nutrients. A diet based on whole plants and grains will help seniors consume a rich variety of nutrients and vitamins.

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